Chronology 1

Take 1
Number 1
Audio Identifier DM_A_4M1-c/p_24_C1_T1
Mix Type Multitrack
Start Time on Reel 00:00:20
Duration 00:01:03
Master No
Audio Reels
DM_A_R5-6_(24) / 5
Identifier DM_A_R5-6_(24)
Medium Analogue Reel
Number 5 of 6
Tracks 24
Size 2
Tape Name Desperate Measures
Tape Number 2
Pre Emph Yes
Number of Cues 10
Noise Reduction SR
General Information
Number 1
Date 3rd May 1997
Timecode Track 24
Timecode Rate 29.97ndf
Brass No
Electronic Yes
Guitar No
Harp No
Other No
Percussion No
Piano No
Strings Yes
Voice No
Woodwind No