Take 1
Number 1
Audio Identifier JJ_A_5M5_T1
Start Time on Reel 00:18:15
Duration 00:00:20
Master No
Take 2
Number 2
Audio Identifier JJ_A_5M5_T2
Start Time on Reel 00:18:46
Duration 00:00:03
Master No
Take 3
Number 3
Audio Identifier JJ_A_5M5_T3
Start Time on Reel 00:19:00
Duration 00:02:16
Master No
Take 4
Number 4
Audio Identifier JJ_A_5M5_T4
Start Time on Reel 00:21:31
Duration 00:01:57
Master No
Take 5
Number 5
Audio Identifier JJ_A_5M5_T5
Start Time on Reel 00:23:37
Duration 00:02:15
Master Yes
Audio Reels
JJ_A_R7-8_() / 7
Identifier JJ_A_R7-8_()
Number 7 of 8
Size 0.5
Job Number 13777
Channel Mono
Bias NAB
Tape Speed 15
Pre Emph Yes
Noise Reduction Dolby
General Information
Date 14th October 1982
Brass No
Electronic No
Guitar No
Harp No
Other No
Percussion No
Piano No
Strings No
Voice No
Woodwind No
Recording Studio
Name CTS Studios
Address The Music Centre, Engineer's Way, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 0DR